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I Haiku; Can You?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

A photo of the Scooter Man, just because!

When I made the Haiku book this week, I promised the class that I would attempt to write some Haiku to put into the book. This afternoon, I did some research about Haiku and found that the rules are not as rigid as I thought. So I began writing. Here they are:

Asleep on your bed
A sound awakens
Sudden mayhem

Your fragrance fills the air
Trees dressed in color

Curled up on the sofa
Nose in a book

A serious expression
Brain is working over time
You are a mystery.

Tastes like late summer
Red and juicy
Tomato love

I plan to do some watercolors on the pages and then print the Haikus. It was fun and almost addicting.