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A Good Day

Sunday, March 17th, 2013


After the nasty driving day yesterday, I woke up to a beautiful morning. I took this photo of the sky on Scooter’s early morning walk.



We didn’t go to church because the Shamrock Run was going on in Portland and it is almost impossible to get through town in the morning. So, I headed to the studio to start painting the canvas frame for my SDA member’s show piece. Here is the quiltlet. I think it looks pretty good with the frame up there. I am planning to echo the stitching with paint marks.



I had paint left over in cups so  I painted a piece of cotton. I added some green and scarlet to the mix.


I spent an hour skyping with LM, the SDA website manager, taking care of some registration stuff for the conference. She had set up a new interface for me, making part of my job easier. Love that.

This afternoon, I went to an Oregon SDA meeting at Opulent Fibers, a sweet shop with all sorts of felting materials and supplies. Many of our members are very accomplished felters, making garments that are incredible. A couple of the members have been doing eco-dyeing of felt. I am just going to show you swatches of their work. The red leaves are eucalyptus – isn’t that gorgeous.


This is sculptural felting, with roses!


This is a detail of a gorgeous skirt.


I am looking forward to a more normal week of working in my studio – I have deadlines!!