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Night and Day

Thursday, March 7th, 2013



Yesterday was one of those days. The weather was atrocious — dark, dreary, cold and persistent rain. I had a lot of work to do sitting at my computer and I got the headache of all headaches — the one I get occasionally. I don’t know what brings them on — a change in air pressure, allergies, stress? I just know that by 7 pm all I wanted to do was go to bed. I gave in for an hour or so and didn’t really sleep. So I got up and watched a couple of episodes of House of Cards with Mr C.

Today? I woke up to delicious sunshine. Headache almost gone. Energy level was back. I had a great day. Like night and day.

I am making progress on making the parts for my big quilt.



I am also making better progress on stitching the 3 x 3s together now that I have a better assortment of beads and thread. I am only on the second row, but this row is moving along much faster.



I only have one sketch tonight. It is of my Bernina. I love it. I think this style of sketching suits me better than trying to be so literal.



drawing 3-7-13


I have made some pretty good process on knitting Paige’s sweater. The pattern is so complicated, but I think I have finally got it down.



Just call me the multi-tasking queen!!