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Where Was I?

Sunday, March 31st, 2013



On Wednesday, I came down with a nasty gastroenteritis bug and was not up to doing much of anything until today. I managed to make a delicious Easter dinner and spend some time in the studio. I am so happy with the piece I am currently fusing into place.  I think I can start quilting it tomorrow.

Yesterday was Stephanie’s birthday. She and her family went down to Astoria for a couple of days for some R & R for her birthday. Today, I gave her this gift which I tried to wrap in the best Stephanie manner!! It is a piece of stitched shibori and hemp twine.




I managed to finish quilting (you see where my mind is) knitting the back of Paige’s sweater. Will start on the fronts later tonight. Should be easier now that I have the pattern down.

I was able to get on a pair of pants that I could not wear last year. You are probably wondering why I bought them? They sort of fit when I bought them, but I never wore them because they were just too tight. On a whim, I tried them on today. Voila!



My hope is that in another month, they will be too big – well, maybe, two months.

Hope your week-end was great. We had glorious warm and sunny weather, in the 70’s. We spent some time on the deck and it was such a treat.