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Feeling Lazy

Friday, March 22nd, 2013




I don’t know if it is the return of the cold weather or what, but I have not felt like doing much today! I did accomplish a few things, anyway.

Remember this quilt that I had so much angst over. It has gotten lots of positive feedback. I took it outside today to get a better photo of it. I am happy that it will probably be purchased by Trinity for permanent installation there. It has been approved by the arts committee – they are paying for it. Just needs to be approved by the higher powers in the church. Here is the original photo.



I also finished the SDA members’ show piece and got that uploaded and did the entry on Cafe. Good to have that behind me.

I tested some de Colourant discharge on some black silk I have. Interestingly, one piece that I had in my stash did not discharge at all, but the piece I dyed a few weeks ago did. Here are the results. I used the gold and the plain. The gold is the little circles. I think I can have some fun with this.



I had a bit of SDA work that took up my morning. Here is today’s drawing. Scooter was sitting in front of me, looking out the window. He didn’t stay there for long so I had to finish it from memory!



I have to sign off – we are watching Skyfall!!