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That Was Fun!

Thursday, June 20th, 2013



I had a great time spending the day with Diane Hock, yesterday. We met downtown for lunch. Steph joined us and had to leave to take Mia to visit a friend. She is really busy this week with 3191Q project deadlines. It was a bit rainy and a bit sunny, but we enjoyed walking around the Pearl district and doing a bit of shopping. Our first stop was Blick Art where I bought a tube of Invisible Glove. Has anyone out there tried this. Supposedly, you can coat your hands with this before getting into paint, dyes and other stuff and it will wash right off.



I also bought some Dyna-flow paint, some time easels for tiny art and some drawing pens.

Our next stop was Cargo Imports. This store is a visual treat for the eyes. The photo at the top is of some Chinese furniture in wonderful colors. I found some beads for my 3×3 project.



They had just gotten in a shipment of wood printing blocks. I bought these two. They are really awesome, especially that large wavy one.





We also went to Mill Ends our near my house where I found a Vogue pattern that I have been looking for.

Our last stop was the Moreland Farmer’s Market where I bought salmon and fresh veggies for dinner, some wonderful bread for Diane and Mr C and some raspberries for the freezer.

It was really great to get caught up with Diane and the happenings in my old guild and the art quilt group that I started and now has 40+ members. She left this morning for Port Townsend and then is going on to Victoria and then back to Oregon for further adventures before heading back to California.

I got the quilting done on the background of the red organza collage.



I added some of the red/black organza squares. I keep changing the layout.



I am now hand stitching them in place.



I have to keep working to reach all my goals. Life is good, but the weather is lousy. Fortunately, we only have to wait a bit for it to get better.

On a side note, my daughter Lisa, has an interview in the latest O magazine about her love of collecting. Proud of both of my daughters.