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Beautiful Day

Friday, October 18th, 2013


We are having glorious fall weather. After several days of unending rain, we have been having unending days of delightful sunny weather.

I got my pet postcards in the mail today and whipped up this one to send to someone as a thank you. Can’t say who just yet. The background looks bluer than it is.


I had a piece of gray silk organza on which I have been doing test printing.


It seemed too good to just discard so I used it as the background for the postcard. I think I will use the rest for another collage with graffiti.

I pulled fabrics and sorted them by season as I have a piece planned where I want to have a wash of color in the background showing the Portland seasonal colors.


I am trying to decide whether I want to mix in some batiks for variety.

I now am under a gag order regarding Lisa’s situation. I can say that two more companies have withdrawn goods from this company on their shelves and website. If there is good press, I can share it. This has gotten big, very quickly.

I am going to my Oregon critique group tomorrow. I am looking forward to that. Have a great week-end!