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A Long Week

Friday, November 4th, 2005

Where have I been?

First, I want to say how much I appreciate the kindred spirits who commented on my latest rant – I so appreciate each and every one!

Monday, I worked on the church newsletter and finished it on Tuesday. Whew!

Wednesday, we had a guy here to refinish the floors in our entry, kitchen and eating area. They are white marble. Never put marble in a kitchen, especially if it has not been treated with a finish to prevent etching by acidic food. Ours apparently were not treated – as we discovered too late!! I asked this guy if there would be a lot of dust – no, he says. Wrong. My studio is in the loft which hangs over the kitchen. I was trying to get a quilt done for a show this week-end and so I was quilting with a dust mask on!! I left and went to Kaiser to take a wild ride on the CT Scanner and got a flue shot. I came home and went back to work on the quilt with dust mask in place. Then came the first smelly chemical. Arrrgh! I left the house and went to Whole Foods and ate Chinese chicken salad. Then I went shoe shopping. I bought RED Dansko clogs and  pair of brown and black Jarkings, a new brand to me, but so comfy.

Back home, to do some more quilting, whoops, the second chemical is going down and we need to leave the house for an hour. I called my friend, Janet, and went to her house for a visit. She had been to Houston so I got all caught up with her Houston adventures. I finally got home, made dinner and went back to quilting, which is so much harder to do at night!!

Thursday was guild day. Look who came for a visit and brought a raffle quilt!! And as you can see, he was VERY excited!! His name is Josh, and he is training to become an assistance dog.


Here is the quilt:


After guild, I went out to lunch with friends to celebrate Patsy’s birthday. Back home to work on the quilt. I finished it at 11 pm.  The quilt I am referring to is the I Sing a Song of the Saints of God for our church’s All Saint’s Festival which started tonight. I dropped it and my I remember Mama quilt off at church and worked in the SDA office all day.

Tonight I went to the art show reception and look!!, I got a second place ribbon –


Here I am with my new ribbon


Here is the best of show, a beautiful clay piece by my friend BJ, titled St. Brigid looks over the fields:


Tomorrow we are having activities all day. On Sunday will be the procession of Saints. Here are the Saint puppets that were made for the event. The parish voted on their favorites to be depicted, and we were not limited to the traditional saints.

Here are Mother Teresa and St. Francis.


And Martin Luther King and Mary ( a rather matronly Mary!!)


And the Black Madonna;


So, that is where I have been. Tomorrow, I will spend most of the day at the festival and then I must come home and start packing for AQT!! I can not wait!! I am taking Sue Benner’s new class. I’ll see Mrs. Mel and Robin of Quilt Antics, coming all the way from Hawaii, and connect with old friends and meet new ones. My Five Fish has been entered in the AQT challenge so it will be hanging in the dining room all week.