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AQT continued

Monday, November 7th, 2005

It is a rainy day in Tahoe, but who cares. We thought it would snow – maybe tonight. The big excitement is the momma bear and her cubs who are hanging out and raiding the garbage dumpster.

My assignment today was to make 3 fused backgrounds out of squares of fabric and then alter them by layering different motifs on top. Here are my back grounds:




The top and bottom pieces are fabrics from sample books that I got from my architect son-in-law. They are silks designed by Jack Lenor Larson and other high-end fabrics. The center piece is mainly Japanese textiles.

I got the bottom one sort of done by adding squares and rectangles:


I am not sure what I will do with the other two – maybe circles for one and leaf shapes for the other.

Here is some of Sue Benner’s work:

This landscape is done with the edges of fused fabric that she trims off – the unfused edges become 3 dimensional design elements. I always threw those away!! Just look at this!


Here are a couple of her flower series. She is teaching this next year:    


After each lunch and dinner, one or more of the instructors gives a slide presentation. Tonight, the adorable Paula Nadlestern was on. Here is one of her quilts:’


I leave you with the dessert du jour:


This is such a fabulous place. If you have never been – save your pennies and come next year. I will tell you the faculty in another post – lots of new people!!