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Busy Week-end

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Today is Miles’ fourth birthday!! We will celebrate with cake and presents when he comes this week. Here is one of my favorite pics of him taken 2 years ago at the pumpkin patch. He is wearing a sweater that I made for Mia and then got passed to him.


What did I do this week-end? I cleaned the guest bedrooms and put clean linens on the beds. This entails moving a bunch of my stuff back into the studio and in to closets. I have this tendency to just toss stuff into one of the guest rooms and tell myself I will deal with it later.

I called Andrea and begged her to fit me in for a trim. I am letting my hair grow out a bit, but it was getting a little shaggy around the edges.

Then I started some new postcards. See below.

Steve and I went to see "Shop Girl". This is  a fabulous movie. Claire Danes is just wonderful. She made me cry (which is easy to do), but if  you have ever lived with or known a young woman who suffers from depression, you will understand why I cried. The ending was happy so I left smiling!

The Rev. Karen and I have been corresponding regarding the commission to do a liturgical piece for the University of South Alabama Wesley Foundation’s new building. It will be 7 and half feet wide and probably 7 – 8 ft high. I am spending a lot of time daydreaming about the design, the logistics of  creating it and feeling so blessed to be asked to submit a design. I am reaching out to anyone I know who has done commissions to educate myself regarding pricing, contracts, etc. So if you are in that category, please share information with me.

Here are the postcards that I finished this week-end for the Puddletown Pre-School in Portland:
Two landscapes: The top is a wholecloth silk piece. The bottom is a spring vineyard.

Here is another pear and another rice bowl, done in Japanese textiles.


For these, I photoshopped a pic of Milo and Mia with their umbrellas. You can see the original here:


Here is my plan for getting through the rest of the week:

Have to work at SDA office tomorrow. After dinner, I will make out my shopping list for the week and finish updating the SDA website.

Tuesday, I have to go in and have a fasting blood test – 4 tubes! – for my breast cancer follow-up and my quarterly cholesterol check. then Meet with Fr. Matt. I will then go shopping for food!! After that I will finish spiffing up the house. Not much sense in doing a lot of cleaning with the kiddos coming!! I will make spinach tortellini soup for supper with Steph, Jack, Mia and Milo (can’t wait)!

Wednesday, Steph and I will do early prep work, baking, etc. for Thanksgiving and we will go to the Charles Schulz Museum to see the Snoopy Quilts. Wednesday night, Grandpa Steve will take us out to dinner. (A tradition, I love.)

Thursday, we will put on the great feast!

Friday, we will pack up the left-overs and go to the beach.

Saturday, everyone will leave – boohoo!