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A Beautiful Day in Tahoe…

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

but who noticed, I was slaving away in my classroom. It was landscape day and I wanted to get as much input and feedback from Sue Benner as I could. I chose this photo of autumn Aspens:


Here is my version:


From across the room, you can really see the reflection. Sue was very happy with it. And so am I.

One of the great things about being here first week is getting to be first to sign up for next year and you get a discount. Here is the faculty for week one:

Paula Nadlestern
Elizabeth Barton

Here is a quilt by Elizabeth:


Velda Newman
Gabrielle Swain: Here is her quilt on display here.

Susan Shie
Sue Benner
Hollis Chatelain
Libby Lehman
Barbara Watler
Lura Schwarz Smith
Jeanette DeNiolis Meyer ( I am signing up for this or E. Barton) Here is her quilt:


Session 2
Charlotte Yde Here is her quilt:


Joan Colvin
Gerry Chase
Janet Steadman
Phil Beaver
Carol Shinn
Susan Cleveland
Carol Taylor You know, we all lover her work and I hope to take her class:

Phillipa Naylor

They will be on the Art Quilt Tahoe website with more description of their work when the current sessions are over. So look them over and sign up for next year!!

And, dessert du jour! DebR wondered what last night’s dessert was. I think it was sort of an apple strudel. This was some sort of creamy decadent thing.