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Oooh! Look at This

Thursday, February 9th, 2006


I think I am getting somewhere. Do you like my scrappy work area? That stray orange square is not supposed to be on the green section! Last night, Mr. C said, "Your other piece had more variety in the colors." I realized then that what was bothering me and what made it static was using solid areas of the same color. So, I started over and replaced the green with a brighter one. I used two different blues – a purply one and a true blue&;nbsp; and a turquoise. For the greens, I used a true green and a blue green and some lime green accents. For the yellows, I added a warmer orange/yellow and some yellow/orange. Then I mixed up the red/ magenta/hot pink and violet. To each area, I let some color from an adjacent area migrate in to the space to create more movement. I really like what is happening now. It is not so static, and I think it was what was in my head and it took some help and some time on the floor to get it.

Thanks, everyone, who had an opinion!! Now, I have to fuse and cut a bunch of rainbow crosses.

My Word Cloud

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Love, love this. My word cloud, as created on snapshirts. I did a little changing of words and names. Apparently, I reference Mrs. Mel and Diane quite a bit!! Thanks, DebR for the link.


Thanks, also, for the great critiquing I am getting on my background for the commission. Mr. C, believe it or not, gave me some great feedback last night. I think I am on the right track. I don’t have a lot of time until Monday.

I am getting my hair done this morning. Caesar, the son of Norma, treasurer of the guild this past year when I was president, was killed in Iraq last Wednesday. I am so sad for her; she lived in daily fear of his life since he was deployed to Iraq. I can’t go to the  service, but I am making 3 or 4 dozen cupcakes for the reception after. They are expecting 300+ people to attend. Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for the vestry retreat in the redwoods. I come home on Sunday and Steve and I will head to San Francisco to enjoy a Christmas gift from Lisa, a performance called The Tribute : To Frank, Sammy, Joey and Dean – ah, nostalgia! Then we will have dinner with her at the fabulous Delfina.

I may have time to give you a sneak peak at the background, after I work on it this afternoon and evening.