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50,000, but Who’s Counting?

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

I had my 50,000th visitor some time in the wee hours of the morning. Who are you people? Why do you stop and visit my blog every day? Just kidding! I am happy to have you stop by for a minute or two and share a bit of my crazy life.

I am watching the men’s figure skating and am so disappointed with Johnny Weir’s performance – think it was because of the dorky outfit he was wearing. Did you know that I am a figure skating nut (not participating – watching). I could easily be one of those fat judges! I loved Canadian, Jeffrey Buttles skate – well deserved bronze.

Today, machine quilter extraordinaire, Harriet Hargrave, spoke at our guild meeting. She is an excellent speaker – way in to traditional quilting – but her work is flawless. I really enjoyed hearing her speak. She is doing a two-day workshop starting tomorrow. I learned a whole lot about batting today.

My Five Fancy Fish Frolic is down in San Jose at a gallery show to benefit the San Jose Quilt Museum. The curator called today to say that someone was very interested in it but needed something more vertical in size and did I have anything? Well, no, but I could make one! She is going to talk to the interested party and get some measurements and get back to me. I need some hand work to do so beading another fish quilt would be fun.