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Where Have I Been?

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

In my little black hole – a space I periodically crawl in to and have a pity party for myself. Why? I never know why for sure – sometimes it just happens. I’m probably coming down form the high of buying and selling houses and now dealing with the trivial stuff like disclosures and inspections.

I am also feeling irrelevant in Santa Rosa. I went to the vestry retreat and was sent home because we have moved up our departure date and I am no longer needed! I have been working with the amazing Gloria Hansen to develop a new website for the guild – something that I wanted to leave them when I left as I am the one that helped create the current site which is a dinosaur. Sunday, I was sent and e-mail telling me that I was no longer to work with Gloria because someone else would be taking over. Hey, people, I haven’t left yet!! I’m not even sure when I am leaving.

Then, there is the commission sample which I am struggling to finish. Here it is fused with some quilting started. I have decided that I must do it as one large piece as batting can stretch and cause problems. You can probably see that the yellow sections are not lining up properly. I can not take this chance with a large piece. I will just find a way to quilt it.


This is for DebR who thinks she is the only one with a messy studio:


Now, for the reasons to feel better than I do.

  1. We have been having  spectacular sunny warm weather.
  2. Sunday was the one year anniversary of my third breast cancer diagnosis and I believe that I am cancer free!!!!
  3. We had a wonderful time Sunday afternoon attending the Tribute to the Rat Pack in SF and dinner with Lisa later at Delfina. It is always a treat to be in Lisa’s space – she lives a totally creative life!!
  4. We will soon be 3 miles from these two wonderful children: