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Color My World

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Before I share the painting projects going on around here, I want to finish up the trip to Seattle or home from Seattle. Here are a couple of nice shots of the Seattle train station which is undergoing renovation:



The Portland station is much nicer and I was too excited to take photos there.

Here is shot of Mt. Rainier from the train coming home. Can you see it?


Mr C has finished painting the kitchen, laundry room and half bath and also painted the dining room while I was in Seattle. The laundry room and the half bath are the lime ice color in the kitchen. Today, I hung quilts in the kitchen eating area. These are old favorite quilts of mine that I never tire of seeing.


Here is the dining room – Aztec Gold or something like that is the name of the paint color:


This color makes the art work, furniture and floors just pop. In fact, we were going to paint the brick fireplace off-white, but it looks so good with this paint color, we have decided not to do it.


Now we are auditioning a lighter shade of gold for the hallway and the living room. Don’t hold your breath, this is going to take some time!! But anything will be better than the barf beige that covers most of the walls, now.

(Note: Due to a technical problem, right wing hacking or too many people wanting to listen ?Ǩ there seems to be a problem with this link!) And now for a little political ranting, I have this great little song to share: something about George Bush lied and got us into war and Clinton got a b— job. This is not for the faint of heart.