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Doing San Francisco

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

The weather was a little cooler today, and Mr C and I enjoyed walking around this fabulous city. First we checked out the new (to us) addition to the San Francisco Center where Nordsrom has been for awhile. Now, there is a swanky Bloomingdales and floors of retail therapy. It is a beautiful refurbishing of an old building with lots of open areas with lovely sitting areas and a food court that is not to be believed.

Next, we walked down to the Ferry Plaza where the San Francisco farmer’s market is held. The building houses several permanent businesses and restaurants.

Here are some of the sights in the Ferry Building (all clickable).

That last photo is of The Cowgirl Creamery cheese shop. I had to satisfy my love of cheese by sniffing the wonderful smells. We had lunch at a nice little Mexican restaurant.

We sat outside where we saw this view of the Bay Bridge.

After trekking back to Union Square, Lisa picked us up (in our car which we are parking for free in her garage and saving a bundle) and we set out to by wine and munchies for the opening party tonight. I got these photos of the shop before the crowds arrived tonight.

This is a mural painted by Amy Ruppel of Portland. They are carrying several of her encaustic paintings.

This is Lisa’s mobile:

I should have gotten more shots of the interior when it was not crowded.

We went back to the hotel and crashed for a while and then went out for Tapas with Mark and Jayme. We had so many tasty dishes. By the time we arrived at Rare Device, things were in full swing. You could barely walk through to the bar, and the two owners were selling up a storm:

The gorgeous tree motif behind them is wallpaper that you can purchase from them.

I got to meet so many of Lisa’s friends and to catch up with those that I have known for quite some time. Most of the friends think that she and I look alike. I think she looks more like her Dad. Perhaps it is our eyes.

The funniest moment of the evening was when Lisa escorted a very intoxicated “neighbor” from the party. He really did not want to go. Every one was sort of wondering who the shabby guy with the gray beard was – crazy uncle, perhaps?

They had a bucket of buttons for those who came. I scored these two— apropos, I think.