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Sneak Peeks

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

We are in the balmy San Francisco “Riviera”. We couldn’t believe the 80+ temperatures that greeted us when we arrived. But, I am happy to shed my Portland rain gear, polar fleece and socks. I am still wearing my Keen sandals.

We left yesterday and stayed over in Yreka, CA last night. Here is sneak peek #1, Mt. Shasta, glowing in the morning sun today.

I love driving across the By Bridge. (Hey, Debra, I yelled and waved as we drove by Hercules!)

And then you get that sneak peek at the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gare Bridge in he distance.

After getting settled and doing a little walking around Union Square and a walk through Needless Markup (Neiman Marcus), we headed over to Lisa and Rena’s shop/gallery. Here is a sneak peek at Rare Device. Lisa painted the mural that is above the door. She also made the mobile that you can get a sneak peek of through the door.

This is such a delightful store, just chocked full of eye candy and goodies. Lisa had to slap my hand because I kept messing up the displays as I looked through all the good stuff. Today, a stylist and photographer from Lucky Magazine came and rearranged stuff for a photo shoot. The store will be featured in the January issue.

We all went out to dinner at a fabulous new Italian Restaurant in Lisa’s neighborhood. I am not going to tell you what I had to eat. Suffice it to say that I must do a lot of walking tomorrow.

I survive long drives in the car by doing hand work, when I am not the designated driver. I am doing embroidery work on my 12X12 piece. And here is a sneak peek at that.

Tomorrow, we are helping Lisa by picking up wine and munchies for the opening party, tomorrow night. I am looking forward to meeting all of her friends. I’ll try to get some photos of the festivities.