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Slow Start

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

I started the day rather slowly, curled up with the lap top, doing SDA work, reading blogs and Facebook. I did run over to the Post Office to pick up my latest acquisition from the SAQA auction. This piece is by Natalya Aikens. It is really exquisite.

I also took Scooter for a walk. It was such a beautiful, almost balmy, fall day. After lunch, I roasted the latest bunch of cherry and Roma tomatoes that I harvested yesterday. All of a sudden, it was 3 pm.

I decided to get down to the studio to pack up stuff for our High Fiber Diet meeting tonight. I felt the need to do something constructive so I vacuumed up the glitter I spilled over a week ago. Then, I grabbed the quilt that I needed to touch up with paint because it had some fading problems. I was a little nervous, but I matched the color really well and it was actually fun. It has a layer of tulle over the silk, so I can not heat set it. I will let it dry for a couple of weeks and then spray it with an ultra-violet light protectant.

Then, I was off to pick up my organic farm produce for the week. I have tomatillos and jalapeno peppers. There will be salsa!! I also got Brussels sprouts leaves (have never cooked those), turnips, beets, garlic and other goodies.

I met Terry Grant at a Mexican restaurant for a quick supper before out High Fiber Diet meeting. We had a packed house. Our group is growing be leaps and bounds – very exciting. One of our new members, Wendy Mamattah, shared her work tonight. She is originally from Ghana. I particularly like this quilt about the Masai.

Tonight, after the meeting, I was dorking around on the computer and watching Dancing with the Stars when I decided to do a quickie fiber sketch from some scraps I had on the cutting table. It is up a the beginning. I call it Deconstructed Fence.

Lastly, here is another birthday gift. This gorgeous glass ring from my daughter, Lisa.

And so, I ended up having a quite productive day!