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This is a Quilt

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Submissions for the SAQA trunk show, titled This is a Quilt, are due in California on Friday. The piece only needs to measure 9 – 10 inches square and only 8 inches will show through the mat. I decided to try to get something done and Fed-exed later this week. Since I spent most of the day doing SDA website training an work, I haven’t had much time.

I went down to the studio to start working and discovered that my furnace is not working. So tonight, I put on my long underwear and a couple of sweatshirts and managed to put in a couple of hours.

This is the silk organza that I painted last year for a Twelve X Twelve piece. I love the colors and so decided to put it to use again.

For the background, I am using a hand-dyed silk/cotton blend that I bought at PIQF last year.

Here is the thread that I found in my stash.

For the background, I did simple linear machine quilting.

Then I did a temporary gluing of the organza pieces.

Now, I just need to stitch the organza with the Perle cotton, trim it up and add a back and voila — This is a Quilt.

I went into the living room this afternoon and noticed that my Amaryllis is blooming.