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Monday Mixture

Monday, January 31st, 2011

This is a snippet of the background fabric for the water piece. Isn’t it luscious? I am almost finished stitching the organza pockets.

We had a nice week-end. On Saturday, we did some decluttering and cleaning of the house which made us both feel better. On Saturday night, I invited Mr C to go to the movies. I wanted to see The King’s Speech in the theater. We had some yummy Mexican food and made a night of it. That is such a fantastic movie. I was surprised at how much I was sitting on the edge of my seat for a movie that was not really and action thriller. It was beautifully cast and acted.

Yesterday, we picked up M & M after church and brought them home with us. Steph was having her hair cut and colored and Jack needed to work. She is going out of town next week for a super exciting job. So we are all gearing up to handle every thing while she is gone.

While the kids played games on the computer and watched Word Girl on TV, I sat and stitched on the orange woven piece. It is taking me longer than I anticipated so I hope I get to another one of my purchases that I need to use before too long!!

I am doing some handstitching to make some well defined marks.

Here is an overview of how it is looking. I am really having fun with this.

I have a huge pile of quilts in my living room. They are entries from High Fiber Diet members for our Back to Nature quilt show which will be hung at Trinity in March and April. We are doing the jurying next week.

I saw daffodils in bloom today. It may hit 60° later this week. Life is pretty good here in Portlandia.