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Another One of Those Days

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

I had another one of those days where I was running from this to that. I had to check in with my Dr. this morning to see how I am doing on the ACE inhibitor that I am now taking for my blood pressure. I was so nervous that I was sure my BP was through the roof, but it was normal, and I almost did a cartwheel!

I came home and finished up a Constant Contact mailing for an SDA state rep. After walking the dog and eating lunch, I was about to head to my studio when Mr C asked me to go to the AT&T store with him to get an iPhone!! Done.

Got down to the studio at 4 pm and did some stitching for the organza piece. I went back down after dinner and did some more. I now have a nice little pile of organza squares.

I have been wanting to pick up the orange woven piece and do some more stitching, but that has not happened, but I really do like that lime green yarn which I plan to use to hand stitch some lines.

This arrived in the mail today. It is a large vinyl print of my¬† Decision Portrait from Susan Lenz’s show in South Carolina. She sent it to me as a memento. It hung outside the original show venue in Charleston.

So maybe tomorrow I will have a whole day in the studio!