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Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Tonight, I fully intended to have my first post titled, “You bought it, now use it”.  That is not to be.

About 3 am this morning, we heard Scooter barking in his basement kennel. Usually when he does this, he has an urgent need to poop. Mr C went down to get him, he came up and did not want to go outside. Instead he was running crazy around our tv room, the dining room and the kitchen. Steve finally put him back in his kennel. We heard a few more barks from him.

When I got up this morning, the first thing I saw was my purse on the kitchen floor with money strewn about. The  contents had been dumped on the counter and ransacked. I screamed for Mr C. We then looked in the tv room and discovered both laptops, my iPad and two cameras were gone. In the living room, our iPod loaded with all our music was gone.

I think that when Mr C arrived with Scooter, the burglar was scared off as he was ransacking my purse. He got my iPhone, but my credit cards were not gone. I had stuck some business cards in my change purse. He grabbed those, thinking they were credit cards. Ha! At least I did not have to deal with calling all the credit card companies and getting a new driver’s license.

I spent the morning changing passwords and trying to cover any tracks of things that might be on my laptop. I have tried to activate Find my iPhone and Find my IPad, but nothing yet. Apparently, the devices have to be on for that to work. A very nice policewoman came very quickly. All of the serial numbers are in their system. Pawn shops are supposed to  check for stolen items in the system. I am checking Craig’s list every couple of hours.

I have my desktop downstairs. Every thing is backed up on Carbonite on line. No one was hurt. I have to be thankful for the good things.

Even if I had gotten some work done, I would not have been able to take a photo. Steph is going to loan me one of their cameras.  I have ordered a new iPhone. Should arrive next week. The insurance adjuster is coming on Monday. We have $500 deductible.

I think it might be good for me to be less connected for a few days.

You are wondering how he got in – the back door was not locked. Mr C and I have been married for over 47  years and never had a burglary. IMy car was broken into once. It is such a feeling of violation.

I will be back when I can take some photos.