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A Busy Week-end

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Last night, I helped host an opening reception at Trinity for our latest exhibit of political art, titled Occupy Politics, 2012. The artist is Allen Schmertzler. He is a gifted story teller through his art.

This one is titled Tea Party and you can stand and gaze at it for a long time and see many different things going on. Identifying the characters is fun. He has several caricatures done in acrylic ink that are fantastic. I particularly liked this one.


Yesterday, I got an early birthday present —a wii and a wii fit plus. I spent a lot of time getting it configured down in my office and then doing a fitness assessment. I had to create an avatar and when it assessed my weight and BMI, the avatar got fatter, too. Yikes! One good thing is that I got a wii fitness age of 56! I guess I am fat and fit. Next, I have to figure out how to do the exercises.

Tonight we went downtown to a lovely apartment on the 13th floor of a new building. It was very sleek and modern. I loved it and especially the views from up there.

I finished two more breast pockets for Melly Testa’s project. If you are interested making some, here is the link.

And here is another  3 x 3.