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Made the Cut

Monday, October 29th, 2012

I have not had the best day because I had a bad night. I didn’t sleep well at all and then Mr C got up early to drive to Corvallis to work today. So, I have dragged through the day.

I had a Dr appointment this afternoon, regarding my aching knees. I have had x-rays done and have a physical therapy appointment. I was told to double up on the Aleve.

Despite all that, I cut up the piece of fabric that I wanted to use for the pipes for the organ.

Here is the layout. I did all the cutting from the sketch, following Elizabeth Barton’s method. I also have not fused the fabric. so I don’t know if I will piece this or do raw edge applique.

The machine quilting is going to be a big part of this piece. I am getting excited now. The filigree will be the same fabric as the upper left corner. The pipe openings, will be foiled. I have to decide whether I want to foil directly on the pipe fabric or on another piece which will be laid over each pipe. Decisions, decisions.

Ok, I am so tired, I must go to bed early.