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You Are Here

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

I am here and happy! I had an impromptu early birthday dinner for myself, Mr C, M & M and their dad, Jack. Stephanie has been working in Brooklyn all week – she comes home tomorrow night. We had grilled salmon, steamed broccoli, roasted potatoes and carrots and cupcakes.

M & M brought me some pretty flowers.

M & M are spending the night, and they have been having a ball with my Wii Fit Plus.

I received a package from my friend Judy Carpenter. Inside was this beautiful silk scarf which she dyed using a sugar syrup resist. It is gorgeous.

I couldn’t move forward on my organ piece because I didn’t have a piece of batting large enough. I did some shopping at Mill Ends, near my house. I bought a large piece of luscious charcoal gray felt, some cotton batting and some thick dark gray felt – not sure what I will do with that – maybe back some quilts to hang using Jane Dunnewold’s method.

I decided to use the charcoal gray felt for the organ piece. I have drawn a grid on it to help me free cut the pieces based on a gridded photo.

And today’s 3 x 3 – made on the fly!