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Father’s Day and Fun with M & M

Saturday, June 17th, 2006


This is my favorite picture of my Dad. That is me on the right in the cape and ribbons in my hair. He is holding my brother Frank and that is my sister, Jean,on the left. I was probably 5 years old. My dad fit the New England farmer prototype, strong and silent. I used to call home and if he answered, he would immediately hand the phone to my mom. All of the grandchildren adored him. After he retired from farming,he still had a small farm where he raised a few animals and had an incredible vegetable garden.His strawberries and raspberries and gladiolas were legendary. After my mom died, he became more talkative. I enjoyed my visits with him. As the first born, I was named after him – Gerald. but everyone knew him as Jake. I have wonderful memories of my dad. I used to go on errands with him.I stood on the seat of the old Ford truck, with my arm around his neck. My dad had no enemies. Every one who knew him, loved and admired him.

Another great Dad is Mr. C. He is also the best grandpa. Here he is playing ball with M & M this


They stayed overnight with us and instead of reading them a bedtime story, he makes up stories about cows who play violins and have picnics. Our children remember fondly the stories of Hans who made a living giving people rides on his bicycle handlebars. His own father was very distant and Mr C made a vow that he would be a hands on, down to earth Grandpa and he has succeeded!

Here are some more pics of our fun day with M & M. Click to see larger images.

Miafeedsducks  Miapark



Miloslide   Miasliddw

Miloplayball  Milosqings  Eastmorelandgardene

We saw some baby ducks…


and a wedding party …


and on the way home, we saw this beautiful Magnolia…


I have managed to get some crosses satin stitched. It is slow going. Tomorrow we are all driving up to a lookout where you can get a pretty good view of Mt. St. Helen’s. We will have a picnic and celebrate the fathers in our lives.

I Love Youse Guys!

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

This is a big thank you to all of you who commented on my blog or sent personal e-mails. You have made me feel so durn good! I don’t have time to e-mail you all back so this is my love letter to y’all!!

I had a great day. The crosses are fused down. I got in over 13,000 steps because in addition to my power walk with Maggie and Mr C, I was traipsing around the Pearl in downtown Portland, doing some gallery hopping and lunch with Terry and June. I made a date with M & M for tomorrow. They are coming in the afternoon to spend the night with us. Lisa called this morning to check in. I always love having a chat with her.

I will soon do a political rant because I can’t take it anymore. If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention. But while I am working on the worship quilt, I am trying to be calm and respectful.

Thanks again for your support as I worked my way through my design issues.

And because I love to post a photo, I leave you with this challenge quilt in which I was to portray my essence – I still love this image!


Keep It Simple, Stupid

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

I just was not happy with the quilt as it was developing with the gradation of crosses. I went back to look at the original piece which inspired the client to ask me to do this larger piece. It was so simple and so elegant and the colors of the crosses had wonderful movement up the banner. So I removed all of the crosses and started over with just one size. Fortunately I had some of that size already cut, but I had to cut a lot more! So here it is with the crosses pinned on. Tomorrow I will fuse and start sewing.


I have been very busy doing other stuff. Yesterday, I got in over 12,000 steps. Today, I have over 11,000. Last night I went to STASH at Beth’s house. She made the most incredible raspberry pie. The raspberries were from her garden. I woke up this morning craving another piece!!

Today we took M & M out to lunch to celebrate the end of school. We went to their favorite restaurant, Mio Sushi. We feasted on edamame, miso soup, sushi, udon noodle soup, sashimi and it was all so good.

Tonight, I went to my first meeting of the Columbia Stitcher’s Guild. This is a guild of all sorts of fiber folks – weavers, wearable art, and the art quilter’s – High Fiber Diet. They meet quarterly. Our guest speaker spoke about adapting ethnic patterns for modern day wear. I loved some of the stuff she showed, and we got patterns, Hope to have something to show in the future.

Tomorrow is the monthly art date with Terry and June. I am busy, busy and having lots of fun!


Monday, June 12th, 2006


Update: Just so you know I have not lost my mind. I am not happy with what I tried to do with this and I am redoing the crosses today. Hopefully, I will have something to post later today. I lost the original vision that the client loved as I tried to do something different with this. It is not working for me. I must be happy with my work. So stay tuned.


I am working my way across with the crosses. They are pinned at this point so if they look crooked, that is why. I originally had three sizes, but it looked too cluttered so I am using two sizes. I think I may  have too many small red ones so I have to take a look at that tomorrow.

I hope to be able to start stitching tomorrow.

Yesterday we attended Mia’s drama class production of Ali Baba and the Pirate. There weren’t enough kids to have forty thieves, I guess. She played the part of a bear.



Here is Milo, completely enthralled by the whole event:


The ABC’s of Me

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

I first saw this on DebR’s blog; then Teri tagged me so here goes – my diversion from cutting and fusing crosses.

Accent -I have lived in the northeast, California, North Carolina and now Portland. This is the first place where someone has told me I had an accent!! In fact, someone who thought he could identify any accent could not peg mine. But get me on the phone with one of my sisters and I am right back in upstate NY!

Booze – I am a wino – love Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris – love it cold and acerbic. I am ABC when it comes to white wine – Anything But Chardonnay. I love Pinot Noir – love, love it. In the winter, I love a glass of dry sherry – none of that sweet stuff. The only  hard stuff I drink is Oban Single Malt Scotch.

Chore I hate – Housecleaning of any kind. I would hire a housekeeper, but Mr C would rather do it than have someone come in – go figure!

Dog/cat – My  love, Maggie, the JR. I love cats, but Mr C and Maggie don’t!!

Essential electronics – My two Mac’s, Walkman, DVR player, my cell phone in the car for security.

Favorite perfume – I abhor perfume! I can’t believe it when I go walking in the fresh air and some woman prances by reeking of perfume – what is she trying to hide?

Gold/silver – I love sterling silver. I have a few gold pieces. I am allergic to cheap jewelry with nickel – I break out in eczema.

Hometown – Cincinnatus, NY. I am going back for my 50th high school reunion this summer.

Insomnia – Sometimes, yes, especially if I  drink a diet Coke after 12 noon.

Job title – Web Administrator and Quilt Artist

Kid(s)– Three great human beings call me Mom – Mark, Lisa and Stephanie.

Living arrangements – A mid-century modern ranch in the burbs of Portland with an awesome studio for my creative pleasure.

Most admirable trait – My smile.

Number of countries visited
– Ten, I think: US, Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, France, Belgium Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Monaco – no it is 11. Whoops, I forgot Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain –  make that 14!

Overnight hospital stays
– Oh, 6 or 7. Three babies, a hysterectomy, two mastectomies, breast reconstruction and couple of minor skirmishes.

Phobias – Down escalators, close, small places, the dark.

QuoteMy quilts, my rules! ?Ǩ unknown

Religion – A Protestant mutt!! Started life as a Methodist, then Congregational (Church of Christ), followed by Presbyterian. After I married Mr. C, I became a Lutheran. Now we are happily Episcopalian and plan to remain so. A church where you do not check your brain at the door.

Siblings – Three sisters and one brother. I am the oldest.

Time you usually wake – Seven am on the dot!

Unusual talent – You’ve got me!

Vegetable I refuse to eat – There is none. I love my veggies.

Worst habit – Playing computer games when I should be working.

X-rays – I’ve had so many that I glow in the dark!

Yummy foods I make – Just about anything and everything. I love to cook and I cook good!

– Libra.

I am not tagging anyone in particular, but as memes go, this was fairly easy to do so I encourage you to tag yourself and give it a try.

I have managed to get way over 10,000 steps in over the past few days. I got a new state of the art pedometer that works even when you don’t have set absolutely perfectly on  your waist bad. It even keeps a separate record of  your aerobic steps – you have to be making 60 steps or more per minute. I really like it. We are going to have rain all week so it will be a challenge to get the steps in.

I had to buy some new clothes this week-end. One of the fringe benefits of walking 10,00 steps a day is losing weight. I am down about 10 pounds. – yippee!