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The Shape of Things

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Earlier this week, Mrs Mel did a post about “…but it’s fused”, in which she debunks the criticism of traditional quilters who think fusing is “just wrong”! I love fusing and I haven’t been doing much — I’ve been in to piecing. So I decided to get out one of my huge bags of fused scraps to make somthing. I had in mind doing a small quilt, but it just wasn’t working so it ended up as two postcards, titled The Shape of Things I and II. Now, my studio is a mess again from making two little post cards – arghh!


I enjoyed making these, but my back did not. I am still having back problems. I am fine when I am flat on my back, but most all day, I am in pain. I tried my ususal drug of choice, Aleve, but nada. Then I tried Tylenol extra strength – still nothing. So I went out and bought Advil Gel caps; I am feeling a little better — at least the pain is somewhat dulled.

I am still sorting beads – almost finished. I have become compulsive about it. Then I laugh and ask myself – why are you enjoying this mindless activity so much?