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Japanese Garden Show

Friday, September 14th, 2007

This afternoon, I worked at our Japanese Garden Show. Look at this lovely banner that one of our member’s made:


Here is a shot of the interior of the pavilion. We are not supposed to take photos, but I thought one long shot of the room would be ok.


On one side of the pavilion, you can look out and see Mt Hood in the distance. I would have taken a photo, but you wouldn’t be able to see Mt. Hood, today. One gentleman told me he had come all the way from Germany for that view — he was very disappointed. On the other side is this zen garden. It was fun to watch as this gardener raked in the design of the day.



I am very happy to say that I have sold two items so far. One of my shibori scarves, and the Winter Bamboo Fence.


It is going to reside on Central Park West in NYC. I am so excited. It was such a thrill to be present. The woman and her husband were here to visit their son who is a student at Reed College. I watched as she stared at this piece for a long time. Then she would walk away and then come back. I went to the storage room to find a new piece to hang for someone else. I was told that the woman wanted the business card of the artist and they told her that I was there. So I went out and talked to her. I explained all of the processes — as this piece has a lot going on. She looked at my other work. Then she went and got her husband, and they bought it. So, it is gone. In this show, we let folks take the work home, and we put up new work.
I am putting the satin stitch edging on the Journal Quilt, and I am quite happy with it now.