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Monday, March 17th, 2008

I arrived back home early afternoon. I did my homework for the church history class tonight. Mr C and I made a quick trip to the mall to straighten out a Macy’s credit card problem. (I pay bills on line. Mr C opened a separate account because he got a 20% off deal or something. He rarely uses it. I went to the store last week and when I tried to use my card, I couldn’t because I had not made a payment in 2 months. I was incredulous because I pay it off every month. Today, his statement came and it had about $350 credit! Aha, the lost is found. We canceled his card and got our money back.) Then I defrosted and heated up some left over lamb tagine and it was off to our class.

I am ready to go back to the beach!! It was such a lovely, quiet time (with occasional bouts of hilarity) with friends. Here is the sleeve that I managed to finish knitting. I may get this done in time to wear before warm weather arrives.


I got some great news while I was gone. My quilt, Fragments of a Life, was juried into the PAQA South ArtQuiltsculture show. The show opens April 25th in Raleigh, NC and then I think it travels to other venues. Here is the quilt, which I recently altered, and I guess it worked!!