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What I Did Today

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

. . . not much! I can’t shake the relaxed beach feeling. This morning we listened to Obama’s speech. I caught up on some blogs. Took the dog for a walk in the brilliant sunshine. Put some stuff away from the week-end. Went to a communications committee meeting at the Cathedral. Made a nice dinner for Mr C and me. Now, I am watching Dancing With the Stars.

I have been perusing the new quilting book I just received — The Quilter’s Catalog by Meg Cox. I remember when she was writing it, she often queried those of us on the Quilt Art list about various topics.


This is a no-nonsense compendium of quilting topics for beginners to long time quilters and for traditional to art quilters. Here is a peek inside at some of the topics:

photo transfers to fabric:


information on sewing machines:


quilt photography:


And look! – information on two of my favorite teachers!



Most of the book is in black and white, but there is a color section of projects to do, like this fruit tart pincushion.

or this Rosy Quilt:


I think the best parts of the book are the resources for where to buy quilting products and the website links for great information.

You can purchase the book here.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I wonder how I survived the week-end? I am getting my hair cut in the afternoon. In between, I will get back to work on my collages.