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Knitting in Netarts

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

That is where we are – Netarts – famous for its oysters. It is between Tillamook and Oceanside. On the drive over, we encountered snow – yikes! But out fearless driver, Beth, got us over the mountain and safely to the coast.


We have had a lot of rain, but it has not bothered us. We are having to much fun sharing out stories and laughing and eating. I am forgetting WW for the week-end.

Here is a view of the beach from our condo:



This morning we went in to Tillamook to see the Good to be Green show. The video was not ready, but we were told that we will receive copies because we were on the video. Of course we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for lunch:


I had peach non-fat yogurt. It was so good!


This afternoon, Reva, Linda and I ventured down to the beach for a walk:


Here is a view of the condos; we have the two on the right. We use one for eating meals and one for doing our sewing and such.


I found some beachy stuff to photograph:




Then it was back up the stairs to the condo:


I have been knitting. I am trying to finish the sweater that I started umpteen years ago. I have one sleeve almost finished. I don’t know if I will knit or work on collages tomorrow.

Here are Terry and Beth working away.


Terry is working on her 12 X 12 community challenge and she stole some variegated perle cotton that I bought at the quilt store in town. She said it was perfect for her piece (and it is) and I had the last skein. She has no shame.

She also made this Easter basket for her adorable Sofia:


This woman can make up a pattern and make any darn thing you can imagine. And tonight, I found out that she dislikes the Helvetica font and the book “Eat, Pray, Love.” The things you discover about your friends when you are around them24/7!!

I am on for making breakfast so I better bring this to an end. Wifi is sporadic around here, but I just discovered that at midnight it works quite well!