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The Crud, My Farm and FMQ with Lisa

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I had one of those viral cruds with fever, aching joints and general malaise. I didn’t do much except some work on the computer. I went to bed really early and felt better today except for lingering swollen glands. To top it off, the temperature was 100°. Lisa went to Sauvie Island with Steph and M & M. They picked blackberries and chilled in the river.

This morning, before it got hot, I took my old lady dog and Lisa’s wild thing puppy to the Rhodie garden for a walk. The three of us are a sight to behold.

We got out my Babylock sewing machine which I think I will give to Lisa and set it up for free motion quilting. Lisa is very good at this as you can see from these photos. I wonder if I would be better if I had started at a younger age. She has pieced a baby quilt for a friend, using vintage fabrics. It is very Lisa.

It isn’t finished, but it is looking good. She is quilting with white cotton, something I would not do, but she wants the quilting to show!!

Remember this plan that my son made for a veggie garden in our backyard?

It is starting to take shape.

Steve refers to it as my “farm”! It may be ready for a winter garden.

Today, I had my first appointment with a physical therapist, Phillipe. He speaks wiz zee French accent. I liked him very much. He thinks that perhaps my problem is sacroiliac syndrome rather than piriformis syndrome. The treatment is pretty much the same unless it is caused my a misalignment in my pelvis. Today, that was not indicated, but today, I was not in as much pain. He says that it can come and go. I am to do some exercises, limit my walking and ice the area for two weeks and then go back for further evaluation.

The Barnes family is here chilling with us, watching the Olympics. M & M will spend the night as it is cooler here. We had salads, water melon, chips and hot dogs for dinner – minimal cooking.