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Chained to My Computer

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

SDA has a conference every two years; the next one is coming up at the end of May 2009. I have spent most of the week-end creating web pages of information that will go live next week on the SDA website. The desk top publisher who created the brochure has sent me the text which I paste in and then format. It is looking pretty good. I have the bones of all the pages done. Now, I have to create and test all of the links. It was a good thing to do during the heat because my office is in the coolest part of our house, the basement.

Have I mentioned that I am also going to be registrar for the conference — a big job, especially when you have 50 people who want to take the same workshop and the limit is 25. This also means that I will get to go to Kansas City for the conference. I am so excited about all of the great speakers and workshop leaders. I probably won’t be able to take workshops in the Pre-conference session, but hopefully, I can stay for the Post-conference.

I also served as FMQ and sewing machine consultant to Lisa. She finished the quilt today. Here is a photo taken on the deck love seat.

And a detail:

She is so excited about inheriting my Babylock sewing machine. I no longer have the box, so I have to get it packed by someone and ship it to her. I am happy to see it put to good use. I love my Janome 6600 plus I still have my Bernina 170 for back up.

How cute is this?  Lisa took Mia shopping yesterday. Here she is in her new outfit.

Lisa is packed up and ready to fly back to SF with the adorable Wilfredo. I am going to miss them so much. We have had a nice, quiet week together.