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A Productive Day

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Some days, I get energized and I seem to be able to accomplish more than I think I can. It helps to have deadlines. Lisa is coming on Sunday and so I needed to revert the temporary dressing room/closet back to a guest room. Mr C got all the fixtures hung in my closet, but, Sergei was busy painting all day so I couldn’t get to the closet. I got enough done tonight to make me feel that we can be ready. Here is a peek at part of the closet before I messed it up with my stuff.

The problem is, I won’t be home from Seattle until after she arrives. Terry, Linda and I (part of STASH) are taking the train tomorrow to attend the APNQ show at the convention center. I am looking forward to lots of laughs and critiquing of quilts. The show only happens every two years so it is a big deal. The show is juried and the work is usually top notch. Not to mention all the vendors who will be there. I’ll take my computer and hope to blog about it.

Speaking of Lisa, she was invited to submit a piece of art for a show at the Democratic National Convention. The theme is Manifest Hope. You can see her beautiful piece here. Needless to say, I am very proud.

Thanks for the nice comments about my rust dyed shibori scarf. I decided that the scarf needs another layer of rust. I went through the basement storage area and Mr C’s workbench, looking for rusty things. I have the scarf in a plastic bin with a bunch of metal stuff, some vinegar water and bottles to hold every thing down, after I covered it with plastic. This is what it looked like before I covered it.

I will just leave it out on the patio while I am away and let the water and resulting rust do it’s magic.

My other accomplishment was to finish cleaning and organizing my desk and cleaning up the studio. Mr C is going to wash the floors while I am gone. I know, I am a very lucky lady!! I also mastered editing a new area of the SDA website today — they love to keep me busy.