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Chairs in a Salvage Yard

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

When we lived in California (seems like eons ago), I took some photos of some fabulous old chairs in a salvage shop. I have always loved these photos so when Deborah chose the chair theme, I immediately went to those photos that have been languishing on my Flickr site.  This is the photo I used to create the screen a couple of posts ago.


As I walked around the yard, there were more chairs in little vignettes.



I looked in my art cloth bin and found this fabric that was soy wax printed with some found objects. The colors were perfect for the background. I printed a stack of turquoise chairs and then got stuck!!


I played with the other photos and printed them on cotton. I cropped the stack of chairs and printed some chairs in different sizes. It was all too monochromatic.  The original salvage sign was blue with copper writing. I played with it in Photoshop to make it the complement of the turquoise colors. I also made the chair sign with the Broken font in orange.

That was just what the piece needed. Here it is. I am really pleased with this piece, and I am so glad that I put the time into it, even though it was very difficult for me this past month. You can click on this to see the details.


Here is a detail:


I have often wondered where these chairs were in a previous life and what stories they would have to tell. Now, go on over to see the other chairs on the 12 X 12 site, you will not be disappointed.