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Clutter Management

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I will never get rid of clutter in my studio. I just have too much stuff with which I can’t part. For a couple of days, I have been slogging through the studio, cleaning  and sorting.

I once had my threads on the ledge of the wainscoting, but I think they get too much sun and dust. I have several of the small plastic organizers. One was under utilized, and it now holds my thread.



I cleaned off both my print table and ironing table which were piled with stuff from creating pieces for my show. I love the images that are left on my print table.




I just need to unpack stuff from the collage class and I will be back in business again. By the way, the painting and new shelves are in my office/grandchild play room. We have some dry wall work to do in the studio and then we will paint it. Today, Mr C painted his office/tv room. It is one of our favorite colors — Harley Rumble — sort of a dark taupe.

Tomorrow is crit group. I will be taking the chairs because I don’t have anything new that isn’t hanging in the show.