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On the Road

Friday, February 13th, 2009

We are in our hotel in San Francisco, planning what we shall do today. I think we will take in the DeYoung and do a little retail therapy.


Trees along I-5

We had a wonderful drive along the Oregon Coast on Wednesday with some showers and lots of sun breaks. I am posting some of my drive by photography. I enjoyed the Coos Art Museum shows soooo much. I had forgotten that the SAQA Transformations: Icons and Imagery was there. That show sent me into ecstasy. The work was evocative and inspiring. I loved seeing all of the techniques that were used. It was a thrill to see the work of many that I only know from cyberspace. The small works invitational show New Focus, was equally delightful, but in miniature! I had to keep walking around and finding something new in each piece as I  spent time admiring the work. I should have taken notes. The third show, STITCH, was some interesting work by 5 Portland artists. I congratulate these women for doing the work and getting this venue. I have learned that you get what you ask for!!


We wanted to get as far as Eureka to spend the night. It was my turn to drive and of course the rain started in earnest. If you have ever driven highway 101 through the redwoods, you know this was a nightmarish drive. We stayed at a lousy motel, but had a fabulous dinner at Cafe Oberon.


Redwoods through a dirty windshield.


The Thursday weather was  beautiful  – partly sunny and chilly. We headed on down 101 and stopped in Healdsburg for lunch and a quick stop at the shop where I first got hooked on using vintage Japanese textiles. I found some very exciting turquoises which I will share later.



Mr C is waiting so I will continue the adventure later.