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Keeping On

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I thought I would share my purchases from the great quilt store in Canon Beach. It is my kind of quilt store — great surface design books and hardly any traditional quilting fabric. I love to purchase sale fabric for backs for my art quilts. These were all 50% off. I love the batik on the top.

I found some spicy prefelt that I think I can use for the next Twelve by Twelve quilt which I plan to felt.

They had lots of gorgeous Japanese fabric and accessories. I found this great sashiko thread.

Remember my discharged alternate universe piece that has hand stitching? That blue toned thread is just what I needed to get me working on it again.

The large circle on the right has rainbow perle cotton.

I have been looking for something appropriate for the alternate universe and I really love how the sashiko looks.

I have a very busy week ahead of me. This morning, I had a guild board meeting. This afternoon, I had to deliver my work for the annual Trinity Artists Among Us Festival, and then stay to help check in art and start arranging the goodies. Tomorrow morning, I am getting my summer red color done and then in the afternoon, I am going to see the eye surgeon who will do my cataract surgery.

The week continues with appointments, except for Thursday. Thursday night is the artist/volunteer party for AAU and Friday night is the opening gala. On Saturday, I am doing a demo on printing on fabric with real leaves.

There will be lots of photo ops so I hope my new camera gets here. I ordered a used Canon Rebel from a very reputable camera shop in New York that I have used before. I am really missing my good camera. It should arrive on Thursday.

In our urgent need to finally  secure our home, our latest purchase is a keyless lock for the back door which has been our problem. It will automatically lock after a few minutes and will require a code to open. I think this is a great option.