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This and That and Then Some

Friday, May 6th, 2011

It has been one of those weeks — coming and going and regrouping after the latest violation. I am on the schedule for cataract surgery in 2 -3 months. I had a good visit with my Dr. My blood  pressure was 128/68. We all did a happy dance. My hair is red again. I have done a lot, but still feel so far behind in things I need to get done.

Above, is my display at Artists Among Us at Trinity. I love the folk art that is sharing space with my kimonos. Here are some photos taken last night at the artist/volunteer reception. Tonight was the gala where people start buying There were lots of red dots going on to the art work. Nice to see.

This is a painting by  a new Latino artist who is showing with us for the first time this year.

Some of my fiberart friends are participating this year. These are quilts by Diane English.

And, these are by Linda Christianson.

Maarja Paris has quite a bit of her felted work in the show. I love the bowls that she makes.

We bought this water color, Last Leaves, by Rosemary Carr, a member of the parish. I love it.

This art is composed of several smaller pieces that make a cohesive whole. He had each one priced individually, but I think someone bought them as a group because there were red stickers on all of them.

This is a beautiful black and white photo of aspens in the fall in Colorado taken by my friend, Danny.

These four water colors are really beautiful. This photo does not do them justice. They are quite large.

We are really proud of the quality of work this year. Here is an over view of the hall. We have several large metal sculptures by the artist who did the one in the center of the photo.

I used my new/used Canon Rebel to take the photos. I don’t think it is as good as the Nikon that was stolen, but the Canon’s get good reviews and I was able to get a good deal on a used one. It will do for now. I took these photos outside Trinity last night.

Back here in the neighborhood, it is the end of the school year for Reed College. This week-end is Ren Fair. The campus is closed and all sorts of shenanigans ensue. And structures like this one popped up all over the spacious lawn.