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Heidi Leugers – Zero-Waste Artist

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Heidi Leugers is an artist who was way ahead of the times. She decided to have a zero waste business in 1998. But perhaps, once you have taken the leap from finance to graduate school in Renaissance portraiture, recycling wool is not so extraordinary!

Heidi moved from the northeast to the northwest around the time that I was president of Columbia Fiberarts Guild. I remember her first visit when she stood and told us about her zero waste work. I did not realize how devoted she was to this ethos until I saw her work on display and she had visuals to show what she does. You can see the felted ball with the opening in the photo above. It is filled with the scraps from that result when she is cutting up the felt to make her designs.

Here is her manifesto:

Here is some more of her work. She recycles hundreds of pounds of post-consumer goods every year. She also works with virgin wool.

Pin cushions:


A kit for making a floppy trivet.

Tree garland made from recycled waste.

Heidi’s sheep are breed specific – not sure which one this is.

Yesterday, she was member in the spotlight and then taught a class after the meeting.

You can see more about Heidi on her website. This link will take you to a video that was done about her reclaimed wool work when she lived in the Northeast.      Reclaimed Wool

I hope you enjoyed the photos of Heidi and hearing about one of the pioneers of reclaimed wool art. She plans to open an online shop soon.

Getting That Holiday Spirit

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Some of my readers have wondered if I was OK. I have just been very busy. Last night we had a party for one of our priests from Trinity who is retiring. She has been with the cathedral for 18 years. Mr C was on the commission that worked with her. We had a sit down dinner for 20 people. Here are the plates!

Mr C and I worked very hard for a few days getting the house spiffy and decorated. I made chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and goat cheese, salad and brown rice. The rest of the food was pot luck.

Today, I had back to back meetings  — Columbia Fiberarts Guild in the morning and SAQA in the afternoon. I am just about done in tonight.

I got my Christmas present to myself yesterday — a 50 mm lens for my new Nikon camera. I am loving playing with it. It is the lens that Steph uses in her work, and I now see why she uses it so much.

Here are some photos that I have taken so far.

The pretty morning sky:

The Scooter Man:

And some of our Christmas decor.

The tree lights detail:

The tree without lights turned on.

This last photo was not taken with the new lens. It is Scooter impersonating one of Santa’s reindeer. He had a good time at the party last night and got lots of loving from every one.

Tomorrow, I am going to do a profile of one of our guild members who does felting. She has had a manifesto of no waste since the late 1990’s. I think you will enjoy hearing about her work and seeing what she produces.

It’s In The Bag

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Oregon SAQA has specific requirements for the bag that holds our quilt when it is traveling in a SAQA show. It must be a muslin bag (no prints or plastic wrappings), with a velcro closure and no ties. It must have a plastic zip lock bag sewn to the outside and a label in the baggie which has a photo of the quilt and name, address, measurements, etc.)

I am delivering the quilt next week so I decided to get mine done today as I have some busy days ahead. I made the muslin bag a few inches longer than the quilt when it is rolled on a swim noodle and big enough in circumference so that the quilt will slip inside and out, easily.

I made French seams to prevent raveling when it is in use.

I stitched velcro to the open ends.


I should remember to stitch the plasic bag to the outside before I sew the seams as it is difficult enough to stitch on plastic as it is.

The curators do not like ties around the quilt so I fashioned some velcro closures to keep mine in place when it is rolled around the swim noodle.

Here it is holding the quilt around the noodle.

So, I am happy to have this done and ready to deliver.

I found this great little gizmo on Etsy when I was surfing for Christmas gifts. The Nikon camera I have, does not have a strap for the lens cover and so I am always misplacing it. This little gizmo  holds it when not on the camera and attaches to the camera strap. It is made from leather.


We Have a Winner

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Sheila Mahanke Barnes was chosen by the random number generator. Send me your snail mail and I will send this on to you!!

It is a beautiful day in Portland, brisk and sunny with grand views of Mt. Hood. Reva and I took the bus downtown to meet up with some of our STASH group for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and then some art viewing. We went to the Contemporary Craft Museum where my guild has a small show in their showcase. The theme is fire and earth. I have my Scorched Earth piece there.

We had a small gift exchange. I made these bags for each one with their name stamped.

I also repurposed an old quilt that I made in 2007 and created 5 small pieces. This was made from hand-dyed silk, organza and cheese cloth. It was heavily hand stitched with perle cotton.

Here are the newpieces:

I added some beads to some of them and satin stitched the edges. I love making these little pieces.

Mr C and Scooter went out and cut down a tree while I was gone. He said it did not take as long because I was not with him. (Me: Oh, look at that one over there. Wait, I see one down there that looks perfect! Etc.)

So, guess what I will be doing this week-end!!

Thank You!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Thank you for all the empowering and thoughtful comments on my 1500th post. You all really made my day.

Today, I had a mission to make a thermofax screen to print some things for Christmas gifts. Since I love my Aspen’s so much, I thought I would start there. Actually, I used one of my daughter, Lisa’s, paintings to make this screen. I changed it to black and white and turned it into a sketch.

Here is the screen. I found this hot pink duct tape and I love it!

I did some in green, too. I will reveal what I printed later.

Here is a photo of the aubergine quilt that I am giving away. I fiddled with it in Photoshop so the stitching looks off. The one I posted yesterday is traveling with the Twelve by Twelve quilts!! Leave a comment on yesterday’s post for a chance to own this.

I just had to show you this adorable little hat that I purchased at the ladies guild bazaar at church on Sunday. Cost me one dollar!!