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The Brown Bag Challenge

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

Yesterday was a marathon day for my art quilt group, the Pointless Sisters. We had the unveiling of the brown bag challenge and in the afternoon, we had the second session of our design class with Marilyn Felber.

First, I will share some show and tell from the group. We had a new member, Sylvia, who brought some work to share:

In this one, she used African fabrics.

For this one, she was inspired by a Japanese wall hanging in a decorating magazine. I apologize for the blue hues in these photos – reflection from the window, I think.


Patsy’s sister from MA, shared this piece she made while she was here. She is afraid it will shock all of her conservative New England quilt friends!

Now to the challenge. First, a caveat – these were placed on the floor, so the perspective is a little off! For the challenge, we each brought in a brown bag containing an object which was to inspire an 18" square art quilt. We could use the object in the quilt or not.

Ann Hines received the paint brush. She painted the center section and framed it with the striped upholstery fabric.


Cathy Hansen received an egg. She did  4!!  quilts. This one is titled Find the 3 Eggs.


This is titled Egg Planet:


This is Egg Head: (The hair is fussy cut and not pieced)


And, my favorite, Egg Drop Soup


Cathy Zeleny received a bell. She used the silhouette as a  design element.

I received the 3 clothespins and did this blended photo of my grandchildren’s clothing while camping.


List mom, Diane Hock. received a liquidambar pod.


Diane Land received a piece of lichen and small pine cones. She used the pine cones in the bird nest. She painted the background.


Genie Becker received some yellow roving which she was going to use for the mermaid’s hair, but it didn’t work. This is all done with the Caran d’arche water soluble crayons.


Janet received a silver spoon. The background fabric in this is a Kaffe Fasset.


Joyce Marty received a twig with stag horn moss, from moi! She used it in the large tree, by encasing it in tulle. She calls this Rainbow Forest.


Linda Simms received a chocolate kiss. She and her granddaughter put on lipstick and pressed their lips on paper to get the patterns for the lips.


Marjorie received a (very ripe) pear. She looked at the back after she quilted it and used crayons to color it and has a reversible quilt!


Pat Marabella received a shell, some turquoise fabric and a poem about the sea.
She used a photo she took at Point Reye’s seashore and did this blended quilt.


Ruth Rosenberg received the blue roving seen in the center of this quilt.

Sandy Chan Brown received a Chinese food take out box with a little gift box inside containing a pearl.


Selma Sklar received a whistle.


That’s all ! Aren’t they great? A couple of people didn’t get theirs done.

I’m off to  make some sopa de Azteca for supper.