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An Overdue Political Rant

Monday, October 31st, 2005

I am taking time from my newsletter editing to post a political rant (Hope you are happy, Patricia!) First of all, regarding the indictment of Scooter, I copied this from Rosie O’ Donnell’s blog. She does the BEST political rants.


chief of staff
5 criminal charges

i watch the republicans dodge
this historic moment in our nations history

?Ǩ?we must stay focused?Ǩwe have a job to do
blah blah blah?Ǩ

– over 2000 dead in Iraq
– over 45 million without health care
– 1 in 5 american children live in POVERTY
– 50% of black and hispanic kids
   DO NOT graduate high school


dick c knew what scooter was doing
like they all did
to get us into this INSANE war –
for the benefit of those who already have too much

karl rove is a criminal creep
his day will come
and our brainless unelected president
once again on vacation

what the hell has happened to US

That last sentence rings very true with me. I feel as if we are moving backwards. The Christian Right is making me lose my religion!!

The Supreme Court nominee is very scary. All you youngun’s out there – be very afraid. I grew up in the era of coat hangers and back room, botched abortions. I had an aunt who almost died from an attempt to abort a pregnancy with a coat hanger. I don’t necessarily condone abortions, but a woman has a right to decide what goes on in her body not some creepy old men on the Supreme Court. We will surely go back to a time of women doing harm to themselves if Roe v Wade is overturned. Because women will continue to try to control their own bodies whatever means they need to take. The wealthy will go to another country or some clinic where it is done safely, but the others will be at great risk and at the mercy of unethical backroom abortionists.

Another thing. These people who want to force a woman to have a baby do not want to fund social services that will help that woman raise a child with proper health care and education.

OK, I said it and I feel better!