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Day 2 at Art Quilt Claremont

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

Yes, I am at the Claremont in Berkely and it is the Golden Gate Bridge not bride! Just want to see who is paying attention. I am so tired you would think I crossed 3 time zones.

Losing an hour’s sleep has not helped our situation and everyone was a little cranky today. We started the morning learning about overdyeing our previously manipulated and dyed fabric. We were told select 5 of the ten pieces and given criteria for what would work well. Unfortunately, one of mine disappeared and now I only have four – boo hoo. Here are the pieces that I did:

This was yellow, refolded and dyed in purple.


This was yellow, refolded and dyed in olive green.


This was turquoise tied with rings and dyed in olive, I think!


This was red refolded and dyed in rust. Very subtle.

We then learned how to make a permanent silk screen by drawing a simple design on the mesh and then painting around it with latex housepaint. After it dries and is heat set, you have a permanent screen for embellishment.s

We then went on to discharging. We had to practice on black. We quickly learned that Clorox on rayon will make holes if you do not wash it right away. We used pure Clorox, Sunlight dish washing detergent and discharge paste. The sunlight must have been old because it did not work well. We had to do more fabric manipulation and practice using our stamps, stencils and silkscreen.


That is a stencil made with fusible interfacing, tulle and latex paint – magic!!

Here are Liz’s discharges:


Here are mine:


The second one down on the right is using my silkscreen with discharge paste.

The top left are my tree stamps and tree stencil which I love, but the Sunlight did not work very well. Here is a close up:


It is fun being with an overachiever like Liz, who says hi to everyone. I am off to a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we get to work on our overdyed pieces, adding textile paint, foiling, etc. Should be more fun in store.