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I’ve Got Mail!!

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

It is good to be home and sleeping in my own bed. Today, after Mr C went through lots of frustration dealing with his change of address with GE and a non-functioning laptop which he uses for his consulting job with GE, we went to get signed up with Kaiser here in Portland. We  do not live very close to any of their facilities, but we finally figured out which one would be best for us. I had a slight melt down over the fact that women doctors are refusing to take women patients because they have been overwhelmed by the extra work of caring for women.

Because of my deformities from breast cancer, I just feel more comfortable with a woman. There was one new young female doctor taking new patients, so we will see how that goes. The Northwest Kaiser is the highest rated HMO in the country. They have an excellent program for seniors.

We decided to have dinner out tonight since M & M are coming over tomorrow to spend the night. We went to Caprial’s and had fabulous fish dishes and salads. Caprial isn’t there a lot right now because she and her partner, John are taping shows for PBS.

Now about the mail. While I was gone, Mr. C said that two packages came. They were upstairs in the kitchen. I opened them. One was my Myth’s and Legend’s quilt coming home after traveling around for two years. The other was this wonderful little quilt that I purchased from the Second International Invitational Miniature Art Textile Exhibition curated by Joanie San Chirico. It was made by Virginia Spiegel. It is only 12 X 12 inches.


This morning, I was poking around in my studio boxes looking for a coupe of unfinished quilts that I want to get done when I saw an unopened package. What is this, I thought? I opened it and a quilt fell out! The label on the back says Spider Season and it was made by my great blogging buddy, Mary Manahan. Then I remembered that Mary had told me to be on the look out for a package from here. This is the quilt. Just looking at this will warm my heart on cold, damp Portland days! Thank you, Mary!!


I am still overwhelmed with the unpacking and arranging and hanging of art work that needs to be done, so I take one day at a time and know that I will get there eventually. Thaks to all of you who made such nice comments on my  work in Jane’s class. I got an e-mail from Jane today and I will be doing a year long correspondence class with  her.