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An Artrageous Day

Friday, April 21st, 2006

Today the Ladies Who Lunch ( Terry Grant, June Underwood and Moi) met at the Portland Art Museum where we saw sculptures by a Portland resident, Hilda Morris. It was exciting for me to see this exciting sculptural work done by a woman. It has been several years since I visited the museum and I was excited to find that they have added a modern art wing in the building next door. On the top floor is a wonderful performance art with a computerized machine that does paintings. This is the machine.


We had a good time checking out the tongue in cheek things the artist
had built into the machine to make it look more impressive. The
resulting paintings are in white and very sculptural. A computer
establishes a pattern. The paint is sprayed on and drips and dries.
then another coat, in the same pattern is sprayed, but offset, a bit.
This is done several times.

After our museum time, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant. We talked about art quilt groups that hope to be critique groups, but fall short. So, guess what, we are going to try to do a real crit group.

This was my first foray across the river on my own and I feel more confident about driving around by myself. After I got home, I called Steph to see if M & M would like to come over for a visit. She had some errands to do and happily left them with Mr. C and I. We made these Popsicle stick people and Mr. C and the kids drew pictures of Japan. Mr. C has been there many times and so is very adept at this. He drew a monk and Mia took issue with this as she thought all monks are from Thailand!! Here are the Popsicle people; guess which one is me!


Then we all went to Cha Cha Cha in Westmoreland for Mexican food and I am still stuffed. Mia was complaining about the sun in her eyes so Mom to the rescue:


Yesterday, we took a really, really long walk in the ‘hood, and I realized how much I needed new walking shoes. We went to REI and I came home with these Keen’s. Don’t you just love ’em?