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Saturday in Eastmoreland

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

I thought I’d take you on our morning walk in our neighborhood. We live two houses in from Woodstock, which is the street that Reed College borders. Reed College is a small liberal arts college – that is liberal with a capital L!!


I love the expansive lawn and huge trees.



This week-end was Renn Fayre – an end of the year raucous, no holds barred party on campus. We received a nice letter from the college explaining the event and inviting us to the fireworks tonight which ended the frivolity. The campus was closed to neighbors and outsiders. Here are some pics I took from the street:



After walking by the campus, we walked down Reed College parkway which has a greenway with trees running the full length of the street.


Here are some photos of our walk (clickable to see a larger image)

Azaleas and a rock garden and other rock garden scenes (I love rock gardens!!)


    Newferns_1     Morerockgarden_1


Dogwood trees, a plethora of color from azaleas and rhodies and real  pink snow!




Dunaway Elementary School, Mr C and Maggie and a house for sale, if you want to be my neighbor. It is under a million, but not much!

Dunaway_1      Mrcmaggie_1   Forsale

 I have to tell you about our golf ball collection. This is the back of  our house.


This is the golf course across the street:


This is what we find in our yard, almost every day:


After lunch, we delivered my stuff to the Artists Among Us  show at the cathedral. When we came out, it was pouring rain. We checked out West Elm and Design Within Reach – two contemporary furniture stores, then went to Whole Foods (which is right downtown Portland) and stocked up on some produce and fresh bread.

Steph, Jack and M & M came over for Raclette – a Swiss dish of melted Raclette cheese (I have a Raclette grill) served with bread, boiled potatoes, cornichon and sliced ham. Last week, Mia told me she wanted chocolate dipped strawberries so I indulged her. She had never had them and thought they were marvelous!!


Miles was having a good time in his pirate ship shirt. Lisa made the drawing which Stephanie goccoed to the shirt. Isn’t it cute and so is he?!


I’m not sure what got in to him, but he ended up under the table:


Steph and Jack go garage saleing every Saturday. They found Mia this wonderful pioneer American Girl Doll which came with a complete wardrobe and trunk for her clothes. Mia has been wanting her for a long time.


All in all, it was a very nice Saturday in Eastmoreland!!