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The Party’s Over

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Lisa left on a plane for San Fran this afternoon. We are all missing her – even Maggie the dog. She was always the member of the family that got us organized and out there doing stuff. I think this is why Steph and I love to have her around because there is never a dull moment.

Here she is with her best friend Nathalie at dinner last night. Lisa is in the bandanna. She got her hair cut really short and is not quite comfortable with it yet!


This morning M and M said they needed some American flags to celebrate the Fourth of July. I found some and the celebrating began:


Here they are on the deck later hanging  out with Grandma:



They are leaving for North Carolina on Thursday to go to their Aunt Katie’s wedding. Mia will be the flower girl. I am going to miss them soooo much.

Here are some flowers from my garden. It is always fun to move to a home with an established landscape and have new discoveries every month of new flowers.



I was going to do a rant in honor of the Fourth of July, but will save it for another day. It has been a lovely family time and I didn’t want to spoil it. But truth be told, there is not a lot to celebrate about our country. I think the writers of the Declaration of Independence would be pretty p___ed off with us. More on that another day.

We have had glorious weather and it has been a wonderful, if long, week-end.