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The Zoo and The Farmer’s Market

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

This morning we got ourselves up early and picked up M & M for a trip to the Oregon Zoo. It was an overcast morning and, at times, Mia complained of being cold. I reminded her of what it was like just a couple of days ago! Before we left home, I grabbed what I thought was a newly recharged lithium battery for my digital camera – NOT! I only took two photos before the camera died.


Check out Mia’s high top converse. They are orange with a Japanese flower print. The next photo was taken inside, and a sea lion is performing for them.


One of the funniest things we saw was in the primate section. A little boy put his face up close to the glass protection in front of a mandril. The mandril turned around and totally mooned him. We were hysterical.

There is nothing like a morning at the zoo trying to keep up with Mia to exhaust a Grandma! But Mr C and I did make it to the Westmoreland Farmer’s market. I really must remember to take my camera next time. We tasted goat cheese, sheep’s cheese, fresh figs, hard apple cider and other goodies. I was so excited to see juicy red, ripe tomatoes because I have had gazpacho on my mind. I also bought some fresh, white sweet corn.

Here is the gazpacho, freshly made and ready for a quick chill in the freezer:


And here it is decked out with avocado, croutons, parsley and cherry tomatoes. Gazpacho al fresco:


The sweetest sweet corn I have ever eaten:


And some Maggie al fresco:


It was a lovely evening for our Farmer’s Market supper on the deck. Ahhh!