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What To Do On A Hot Day

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

1. Surf the web looking for things that make you laugh. For instance, is Condoleeza Rice wearing hand me downs from the Bush twins? Or is she hanging out at the White House so much that she gets to raid their closets? You decide – here.

2. Design a t-shirt motif and find out your wide printer has dirty rollers and so you waste several sheets of expensive transfer paper.

I am going to my fiftieth high school reunion soon (August 5th). We were thinking about getting t-shirts, but to do such a small number was very expensive so I said I would do it. Today, I started printing the design and got a couple ironed on. I bought some special transfer paper from Dharma which does not have the icky rubbery background. They are 11 X 14 sheets which I am printing on my Epson 2200 large format printer.

The design uses a photo of us in our caps and gowns. Here it is folded:


Me, wearing it – no face to be seen – HA! Best of all, I am wearing a large not an XLG!!


And, here is the back! This was our class slogan – we were a wild and crazy bunch!!


3. The best thing to do – hang out with M & M, take them to Burgerville for supper and strawberry milkshakes. They are now sound asleep and their mom and dad are enjoying an air conditioned room at a swanky hotel in downtown Portland.