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Mental Health Break

Monday, November 10th, 2008

I am here. I am not getting much done. Catching up on blog reading. Shopping for food for the week. Sketching a new piece I will start working on, very soon. Doing my homework for my class tonight. We are leaving the dreaded Middle Ages behind tonight and moving into the Reformation and the Renaissance. (Did you know that Renaissance is Michelle Obama’s moniker for the Secret Service. Obama is Renegade!!)

Taking care of M & M is not so much a physical strain as a mental/stress kind of strain. You always have them on  your mind, even when they are at school. That kind of stress really wreaks havoc on an old body like mine!!

I have a hint for other Grandmas. Do you know about Hoops and YoYo? This is a Hallmark sponsored site where  you can send cards, etc. But there are these two animated characters who have little animated videos of their antics. It will amuse a child for at least half an hour.

All in all, it was a fun time. I picked up a couple of gems from Mia. She told me that McCain did not want Palin for  his VP, that he wanted Lieberman. Keeping my composure, I asked how she knew – well, she heard it on TV, of course. When we were at the Rhodie Garden on Saturday, she saw a large tree that had fallen across the stream and a fence, onto the golf course. She said this would come in handy for the golfers to come into the garden to join their wives for tea!! Miles entertained me by falling into the stream – fortunately, it was in a very shallow area and near our exit for out walk back to the house.

Didn’t you just love seeing the photos of the Obamas visiting the White House today. Wow, it is really true.

I love Andrew Sullivan’s  political blog. He had this video on under the heading – mental health break – today. I just had to share it.